Mission & Vision

The mission of EBIC is to inform and promote the public awareness on biotechnology and genetic engineering applications and works as a link between scientists and the public by simplifying the scientific information to be understandable for all levels of the society, as well as clarifying both benefits and potential risks through reasonable and transparent talks. Also, EBIC helps to offer a professional environment that permit both the public and private sectors to work together as partners in a biotechnology program for region's benefit, particularly the resource-poor farmers in the region.

EBIC plays important role by gathering various stakeholders through variety of scientific discussion and activities. These activities include several local, regional and international workshops gathering a vast variety of scientists with other stockholders including the media professionals. Such workshops enable variety of ideas, scientific schools and variety of strategic points to be explored and discussed. Inter-Islamic countries workshop discussed the challenge of biotechnology was held under the umbrella of ISAAA, ISESCO, OIC bank, ICGEB and EBIC. Such successful gathering of scientists from different Islamic countries should be encouraged. EBIC approach the public by its state of the art newsletter (Roayaa) that covers several issues raised and related to the biotechnology and its agricultural applications globally. EBIC established and running the first Arabic web site to explore the most update information in agricultural biotechnology. EBIC web site recorded more than 65.000 visitors annually.