What is EBIC?

The Egypt BIC (EBIC) was initiated in March 2003 and was hosted by Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI). In 2011, the EBIC was transferred to Faculty of Agriculture at Cairo University to fulfill its main goal which is to disseminate information to large sector of the community.

EBIC’s mission is to build a solid public awareness program grounded on transparency, scientific-based information, and free dialogue with North Africa’s Arab-speaking countries. It collaborates with national programs in facilitating the development of a conducive policy environment for the application of biotechnologies.

EBIC has been actively involved in biotech communication. The BIC held various Workshops to raise awareness and to update high level policymakers, scientists, academia, media, and opinion leaders on the commercialization of biotechnology crops. The BIC also conducted a number of study tours to Bt maize fields for various stakeholders among them policy makers who appreciated the technology. These activities illustrated the importance of supporting public awareness initiatives in Egypt and the need to enhance information delivery to various stakeholders.

New ideas such as development of newsletters, small booklets with simplified information and comics were initiated. The importance of accurate and balanced reporting on agricultural biotechnology applications was emphasized. The BIC also conducts the activities of the Egypt chapter of OFAB.